Access to water

Faced with the challenges of the Millenium Development Goals, FARMEX Technologies and its teams have been working on the ground for 25 years to provide global solutions to a unique problem: rapidly supplying water to the greatest number of people.


Redoubled efforts on the Yaoundé site (Cameroon)

Major mobilisation of FARMEX Technologies teams on this € 40m site funded by the AFD (French Economic Development Agency). Scheduled work: laying 360 km of PE, PVC and cast iron pipes, as well as rehabilitation of 4 concrete reservoirs (2,000 m3) and 3 pumping stations. The pace of pipe laying is approximately 100 ml/day per […]

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A pilot unit for the re-use of treated waste water

In 2012, FARMEX Technologies took part in a collaborative pilot research and development project relating to the re-use of treated waste water. This 1.5 million euro project consisted of designing and producing a unit for the controlled re-use of treated waste water for various purposes in France and within the Mediterranean basin. This pilot unit […]

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Mwali (The Comoros): a well-received project!

This project (€ 2.7m – Funded by the AFD), which was completed in June 2016, has been accepted. Some information: Construction and extension of the water supply and distribution network for 10 villages: 50 km of HDPE-steel pipes (NPS 40 – 100 mm) 4 new river catchments 11 metal tanks (50 – 220 m3) 12 […]

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100 meters installed/connected a day in Nouakchott (Mauritania)

This (€ 8m) project funded by the Saudi Fund for Development, consisted of supplying an entire district of the capital, Nouakchott, with more than 300 km of HDPE pipes, 10 km of NPS 400/500 cast iron pipes and 17,000 individual connections. The estimated date for completion of the work is June 2017, including the additional […]

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Productive meetings at Hydrogaïa

As usual, FARMEX Technologies was present at Hydrogaïa 2017, the International Water Exhibition, held on 17th and 18th May at the Parc des Expositions in Montpellier-Pérols. 3,500 visitors, mainly skilled professionals and representatives of national and international authorities, came to talk to each other at conferences, business meetings and recruitment events.

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