“An extremely diverse range of assignments”

With a Master’s degree in Water Management from the University of Cranfield in the UK and at the age of 22, Arnaud joined FARMEX Technologies in 2007 as a Junior Project Manager.

After spending a year at our headquarters, he took up his first 6-month overseas post as an Assistant Project Manger in Grenada, involving the establishment of an irrigation system. He then volunteered for a new assignment involving the installation of 5 drinking water treatment plants, this time on the Samoan Islands, where he stayed for 2 years.

«As a young graduate, I struggled to find work for a year, as companies were often looking for candidates with experience. FARMEX Technologies gave me my break and I noticed, on joining the company, that it has no hesitation in recruiting young people. This creates a rather enjoyable and dynamic working atmosphere.”

Since then, Arnaud has completed 2 successive 18-month assignments in Anjouan and then in Mwali, in The Comoros, involving drinking water conveyance projects. “And I will soon be returning to The Comoros for a third 18-month assignment. As a Project Manager, I am a bit like the conductor of an orchestra: I handle relations with the design office for implementation plans or design calculations, I take charge of administrative and logistical monitoring for the project, as well as HR aspects with the local team, which consists of around a hundred people. Each project has its own specific characteristics and that’s what makes my role so diverse!” 


«Great career opportunities»

Anaël arrived at FARMEX Technologies in 2014 for his final year placement, to complete his Master’s degree in water management at AgroParisTech ENGREF Montpellier.

“At the end of my 6-month placement at FARMEX, I was hired to continue my work within the Costing-Studies Department, on assignments involving the formulation of responses to invitations to tender and costing projects. This is the framework for the work I carried out on a project in Cameroon, bringing FARMEX Technologies and the Razel-Bec Group together. Once the tender had been won, management asked me to go and ensure that work was carried out as part of a project phase. It was a first for me and a highly motivating vote of confidence!”

Arriving in Cameroon in February 2016, Anaël first ensured that work was carried out on the extension of the network in Yaoundé, and subsequently, since early 2017, has been supervising the rehabilitation of pipes in the city centre.

“It’s a large-scale project involving almost 300 workmen and significant technical resources: there are three of us acting as works foremen for FARMEX Technologies and three for Razel-Bec, all reporting to a Project Director for Razel-Bec. On arriving, I was involved in site preparation and established the project’s design office. I am in constant contact with project management and keep an eye on the financial monitoring of works. I am also on site a great deal, in order to anticipate and deal with technical issues, in collaboration with local site foremen. When I finished my studies, I wanted to work abroad: FARMEX Technologies has faith in young graduates, giving them responsibilities and a level of autonomy that I would certainly not have had in France. It’s a real challenge, but the opportunities are amazing.”