Waste water

FARMEX Technologies designs and deploys custom solutions for treating your domestic and municipal, or industrial, waste water.

Treatment of domestic and municipal waste water

The purpose of a water treatment plant is to clean up municipal domestic waste water, which is subsequently discharged into the natural environment.

There are two possible water treatment processes:

  • Physico-chemical treatment, which is used for certain toxic industrial effluents, or where there are large quantities to be treated.
  • Biological treatment, which uses micro-organisms to reduce pollution.

Our equipment for your planned treatment plants

  • Lift pumps
  • Screening
  • Grit removal
  • Removing grease and oil
  • Physico-chemical treatments
  • Biological treatments
  • Civil engineering work

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Treatment of agri-food and industrial effluent

FARMEX Technologies offers industrial operators its expertise in relation to all kinds of effluent:

Agri-food effluent:

  • The meat and meat products industry: abattoirs, ready meal producers, pig farms, etc.
  • The dairy and dairy products industry: dairies, cheese makers, whey producers, etc.
  • The wine and wine products industry: wine producers, distilleries, wine bottling plants, etc.
  • The alcohol and alcohol products industry: breweries, bottling plants, malthouses
  • Bottling: water and soft drinks
  • Other agri-food industries

Industrial effluent:

  • The oil and oil products industry: refineries, etc.
  • The chemical and petrochemical industry: adhesives, paints
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • The paper and paper products industry: cellulose, cardboard and recycled paper
  • The metal and surface treatment industry
  • The textile and textile products industry: tanneries, taweries, etc.
  • Other industries

FARMEX Technologies offers you appropriate solutions:

Aerobic treatments:

  • Conventional activated sludge, MBR and SBR
  • Bacteria beds, aerated lagooning

Anaerobic treatments

  • Methanation, high and low loads
  • Extensive lagooning

Combined units

Finishing treatment: filtration and ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, activated carbon

Re-use of waste water

Rising oil prices and global warming make the re-use of waste water increasingly necessary, in particular for irrigating crops and green spaces.

This water resource, lying close to urban centres, has been under-utilised for far too long and even represents a major source of pollution.

With the support of research centres in the south of France, FARMEX Technologies has developed an approach that uses simple techniques and ensures that users and the environment are protected, thereby guaranteeing sustainable development.

Our operations

FARMEX Technologies helps you fine-tune your project:

  • Diagnostic
  • Choosing a treatment method: intensive (so-called traditional treatment plants) or extensive (lagooning)
  • Choosing an irrigation system: priority is given to irrigation techniques that minimise contact between the treated waste water and farmers, or the crops that will be consumed.

Where permitted by the topographic conditions, we opt for a lagooning technique, an extensive treatment that can be undertaken in the majority of countries and that is energy efficient and economical in terms of maintenance and operation.

Our solutions

  • Intensive treatments
  • Ozonation
  • Ultra-violet treatment
  • Sand filters (using your waste water within the framework of WHO standards)
  • Ozonator
  • Reed growing

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